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Events: an integral part of marketing

The benefits of adding events into your marketing strategy

You'd be hard pressed to find a marketeer who doesn't advocate for marketing online, but miss events out of your strategy and you'll fail to meet with valuable touch points, present yourself as an approachable brand, provide potential customers with a unique and memorable experience, and miss valuable client referral opportunities.

The foundation of a sustainable and consistent brand begins with engaging and connecting with your audience through creative content, social media, and digital. Although, digital is now no longer an emerging trend.

Once creative content sharing, social media activity, and digital marketing becomes everyday business activities a business should consider advanced content marketing strategies.

If you want to learn about advanced content marketing strategies then employ the services of a content marketing specialist who can help you build a content marketing plan.

Adding depth to your strategy means running and taking part in events. Where digital marketing is the base of the cake, events is the icing and the cherry.

Events can help with the following:

  • Do you want to be an approachable brand? When you attend events as an exhibitor you are creating a face to your brand. Your prospects are able to connect with representatives from the organisations putting a name to the face and the organisation. If you are serious about being an approachable brand the physical presence at an event is crucial. 
  • Providing future prospects with a unique experience. When you attend events as an exhibitor you have the opportunity to leave lasting impressions. Send your best resources possible. A mix of old and new members of the team is always a good strategy. The more experienced can bring the knowledge needed to answer questions and the slightly newer staff can put energy into every single engagement opportunity. A quote I live by "Be interested in them and they will be interested in you". 
  • Valuable touchpoints: People love familiarity, the more familiarity the better.  The more opportunities you offer your audience prospects to see, touch, hear and feel your brand, the more likely you’ll be to convert them into viable leads. There is no doubt in my mind that events can help organisations to establish unique and personalised connection points that aren't produced online. 
  • Opportunity: Events are the perfect opportunity to gauge the interest of your target audience in real time. You are able to trial ideas, try new approaches, and test your other supportive marketing activities. 

We hope you enjoyed the blog, let us know if you have any unique ideas on events and marketing which are worth sharing.

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